Watching time, knitting time

You all know how addicted I am to TV shows. As I work from home, I have lunch alone so I always watch something to keep me company. Fall marks the start of the cold season in the Northern hemisphere, but also the coming back of many shows. Anyway, I don’t really follow the calendar, and I tend to watch what I feel like, and I usually wait a little bit to be able to binge watch a determined show. I couldn’t help myself and started the new season of Doctor Who, but I decided to take a break and watch other things for the moment to prepare myself to watch some episodes in a row.

As I didn’t have a lot to watch (I’m up to date in almost every show I was watching) I started a new one (for me). It’s called Dark Matter, and I couldn’t resist the sci-fy theme. The premises are good: six people awake from stasis on a space ship with their memories completely erased. There’s also an android on board who will help them to recover part of their memories back. I’m not going to tell more to avoid spoilers. It’s an enjoyable show but there’s something missing to make it superb. The characters are quite flat and lack charm, and I guess it is a result of them having lost their memories, but somehow I feel that they could be better constructed. We’ll be discovering more about them as the show progresses, and it is possible that this aspect improves, because for the moment I don’t care a lot about any of them, and that’s not something good to say about a show. There’s also the fact that most of them are quite young, and I am afraid it could develop in a teenager show. Anyway, I hope we can see some evolution and SyFy doesn’t cancel it like they did with Firefly and Warehouse 13.

DarkMatterMy lunch break is not the only moment I watch series. We also do it in the evening and during weekends, and that is happening a lot more than in summer, which means… knitting time! yay! I’m currently working on two projects: Hetty and Penelope, both from Untangling Knots.

I started Hetty in May, abandoned it and I decided to finish it this time for good. I’m starting with one of the sleeves, and I definitely want to finish it this month.

And as I’ve said last time, I have joined the Penelope KAL. I started a bit late with this one, but as it is a mindless knitting, I hope I can finish in time. I think I will be alternating the knitting of both cardigans to rest from the lace and the monotony of each one. I want to finish Hetty because I’ve been knitting it for too long, and I want to finish Penelope because I think it’s very wearable and it will be in my fall-winter-spring rotation, plus the colors I chose go with almost everything.

During these months I’ve also been watching Warehouse 13, Orange is the new black, Mistresses (US version), Seinfeld, Devious Maids, and some others. I’m really looking forward to the new seasons of The 100 and Call the Midwife, but for those I’ll have to wait.

And you, what are you watching right now?

I think Colin doesn't like my cardigan. #knitting #lovebirds

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I started writing this post in June of 2013, and then abandoned it. Thanks to Michelle and the Gilmore Girls KAL I decided to revive it.

I arrived late to many shows that I ended up enjoying a lot, like Desperate Housewives, the Gilmore Girls, Firefly , Downton Abbey and Broadchurch (ok, not so late for Broadchurch, I started watching it just after season 1 was over). Normally I don’t really pay attention to garments in shows but I’m acquiring more and more an experienced eye on the subject.

This cardigan appears at the end of season 4 and on episode 7 of season 5 if I remember well. I like the detail of the cables and the soft pink color. I’m not very convinced though about the general shape. It doesn’t have buttons, and the fronts hang at the sides in an unflattering way. It looks like it has some mohair or angora. I looked for a similar pattern in Ravelry and I found none. I’d love to design something like that one day but with an improved shape (and I need buttons on my cardigans).

On episode 4 of season 6, Rory is wearing a stunning dress for the baptism of Sookie’s children. It doesn’t seem like a difficult pattern: princess seams and a half circle skirt with gathers at the back. I like the detail of the black piping.

Coming back to the cardigan, I am not very sure of its construction. It seems to have raglan sleeves and the back has asymmetric cables. About the front I can’t say a lot since I think we don’t get a good view of it.

Update: I think this pattern could be modified to make something like it.


I wrote this post yesterday, but it somehow disappeared. WordPress, why are you doing this to me?

I finished Extant some days ago and it left me a bit meh. It was at times predictable and I was not convinced by some of the actors. I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi anyway, so I watched till the end. When I finished it I needed another TV show to fill in all those knitting hours, especially now that my sewing machine is being repaired. And I found The 100. I’ve read very good reviews about it so I was impatient to start watching it.


In the future a nuclear disaster exiles the few survivors left to a space station. The resources are limited, so every infraction of the law is punished with death (they call it people being floated). In the case of minors, they are imprisoned until the age of 18 (then floated). 97 years after the nuclear disaster, a malfunction in the oxygen system is discovered and the 100 prisoners are sent to Earth to see it it could be survivable. It’s still 100 years too early according to the predictions, but the oxygen reserves are running low. Don’t worry, I’m not telling you any spoilers here, these are just the premises.

I love Sci-Fi, and I enjoy some dystopia from time to time, but this seems to me sometimes a crossover between Lost (the good part) and Lord of the Flies. I didn’t like this book. I just believe in people, and watching/reading how a group start to behave like savages, enjoy cruelty, and try to kill each other is not how I like to spend my free time. I believe in the good in everybody, and somebody trying to demonstrate that we all are savages at heart really discourages me (this sounded much better in the previous version, sigh). The rhythm of the show is slow sometimes, and it doesn’t seem to feed my curiosity at a good pace (I’m so impatient), but I’ve decided to give it a go and see where it takes me.

The aesthetic reminds me a tiny little bit of Revolution. Now, those premises were good, but the execution was faulty and I didn’t go beyond the second episode.

And you? What are you watching? How do you make those knitting rows seem shorter?

Watching the GBSB outside the UK


We’re watching the Great British Sewing Bee series 3 and enjoying the fact that there are more men that in previous occasions and they seem quite competent (I’ve never thought Koen would like this show but he loves it). We watched previous seasons on Youtube, but this time we didn’t find it available there, and the iPlayer complains about us not being in the UK.

A British friend of mine (thanks, Katie) told me some time ago about Hola! This little program allows you to access to information that is otherwise not available in your geography.

We have already watched the first three episodes of the GBSB without hiccups. And it’s free. Enjoy!



I thought there was no life after Spaced (I watched it twice in a row, first alone and then with Koen), but I’ve just become interested in Extant. Produced by Steven Spielberg, it reminds me sometimes of AI. I don’t know if I’ll be disappointed in the end, but at least I’m intrigued.

Off course I’m also watching Broadchurch series 2, Call the Midwife, and others, but just following the weekly pace is not my cup of tea. I could watch complete seasons in one day while knitting an Untangling  Knots sweater. I’m such an addict!

BTW, Spaced is currently (but I don’t know for how long) on YouTube. Enjoy!

Slow January

Just twenty days have passed since the month started but it feels to me like a month and a half at least. After the Christmas frenzy and all the doctor appointments before that (including a gastroscopy that never happened), these days it seems that I just work, sew, knit and watch TV shows. Also, if I measure time by finished garments, it also feels longer than two thirds of a month. In my to-do list I tend to aim for four garments a month, but usually finish one or two, sometimes three; and in 20 days I’ve finished four garments, I have another blouse almost finished (but ran out of interfacing), and I’ve cut a pair Margot pajamas. Yes, the calendar is lying to me and these two thirds of January are in fact more than a month.

I guess that playing the game of waiting and patience tends to slow things down. I haven’t had any doctor appointment since 2014 and I’m currently on new medicines that I need to test until the end of next month to see if they work. And in the meantime, nothing else. It’s so cold outside that we didn’t even think of going out, but I guess that when the warmer weather comes, I’ll feel the need to hurry this recovering process.

This month I’ve been watching the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, The Christmas episode of Call the Midwife, the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey, the beginning of Broadchurch series 2, Spaced, Ashes to Ashes series 2 and the occasional episodes of Castle, Modern Family and The Big Band Theory. We finished Scrubs, tried the last season and dropped it because it was not worth it.

And you, what’ve you been up to?

Bowie’s inspired series

I’ve been listening to David Bowie‘s music a lot lately. And if you remember, I’ve talked about Life on Mars series a while ago. Mmh, this post is from October, so it means I’ve been Bowie obsessed for almost 4 months (omg, I should get a life). On that post I talked about the first episode of this series, saying that we gave up after watching it.

Well, I should tell you that I’ve recently finished this series and didn’t help with my Bowie‘s obsession. I wanted more, and one day, almost by accident I found out that there’s a sequel called Ashes to Ashes, yes, like the song.

After watching the first episode I was not sure what to make of it. Tyler’s world was still there, having evolved into the 80’s, Gene Hunt speech was witty and cheeky as always but Keeley Hawes‘ acting was not so convincing and at first this just seemed a little bit of the same as Life on Mars. But you know that, unlike Koen, I persevere (and I need to fill my lonely lunch hour) so I watched the complete season 1. And I became obsessed. I guessed something about the finale two episodes in advance thanks to my too good face memory, but that only increased the last twist impression.

Seriously, if you are into Bowie, 80’s music, if you’ve watched Life on Mars and you’ve enjoyed it, you have to try this series. At least you’ll have a good time watching it. And the clown will scare the hell out of you.

A weekend crafting with Bowie

I wanted to write this post days ago but life got in the way, work piled up and days have just 24 hours. I could use my time in a better way if the Doctor came for me and left me here again just 5 minutes later, but I wouldn’t then probably be writing posts but fighting for my life in a different place and time.

As the Tolkien convention is approaching (November 1st, gulp!) we need to get our costumes ready. I spent last weekend sewing parts of my dress and drafting a making a muslin for Koen’s pants. He finally found another design that appeal him more than the previous one, and after a couple of days trying to wrap my head over that front design and consulting with Koen, I finally used the Jedediah pants pattern and then drafted front and back yokes to get a similar effect. I made a muslin for shorts and it looked exactly how he wanted so that’s one big thing less to worry about.

In the meantime he was busy with a hammer putting metallic eyelets to his faux leather vest. Just give a hammer to a man and he’ll be happy to help you 😉 Koen is half naked here, but don’t be mistaken, it was quite cold and I was wearing a thick sweater. I guess that happens when you have Belgian genes!

I bought a couple of meters of leather cord just to test how it would look like. Koen loved it from the instant he saw it. And it smells a lot of leather. One funny thing is that Koen used almost all two meters just for the shoulders! I bought more for this weekend, but I just hope he learns to leave short ends.

See how innocent he looks! You can hardly believe he used almost two meters of cord just for the shoulders. Just a little angel (and the pony my sister gave me years ago is watching him so that he doesn’t waste cord, mwhahahaha).

We were working for hours on end while listening to David Bowie, one of my last obsessions. I think working too hard is affecting me and listening to Bowie after work while I load the dishwasher is quite therapeutic. It could be the strange lyrics, the rhythm or his sexy voice.

And about this song… if you didn’t know, it’s the main theme of the TV show Life on Mars (ha, same title). We watched the first episode of the British series some time ago. At first I was not very convinced by the main actor and Koen found the plot too weird.

And you know, there are so many shows to watch that we didn’t continue with it; but after seeing again John Simm performing as The Master, I completely changed my mind. This scene is pure energy!

(SPOILERS: This is already a bit old but just in case, don’t watch it you haven’t seen the last 3 episodes of season 3)

Those episodes were hard and so enjoyable at the same time. They remain as my favorite of the new series. And as this post is already heavy on videos, I leave you one more from the Doctor Who Confidential behind the scenes. Too much stress, bring on the Doctor.