Completed: Another 40s Style Blouse

I promise that this is the last 40s style blouse that I’m making for a while, but I just needed to get it out of my system. I’m going to try a different pattern next time, but even if I don’t, I think I’m ready to attend the next rockabilly festival without fear of not having anything to wear. In fact, it’s nice to dress like this for half an hour on Saturdays just to take the pictures for the blog. I almost feel I’m attending a party!

This time the blouse is made with Japanese cotton, and it’s such an easy fabric and I already know this pattern so well, that I could have the blouse done in two days, but I ran out of interfacing (I had everything except for a front facing) and then I had to wait for new snaps from Snapclic.

After checking red, two shades of green, orange and yellow, I finally went for choral (Koen agreed); and when I was installing the snaps on Saturday morning, I remembered this choral lipstick I barely used. It’s not a color I’m very used to, but it feels very summery.

The tiki bobby pins are from a local shop (Shopper Monster), the necklace from Luxulite, and earrings and brooch from Desperate Beatnik.

Completed: A Tiki Blouse in January

And I don’t live in the Southern Hemisphere. It means how much I long for warmer weather, refreshing cocktails (those will not happen, I know) and the much expected tiki party.

It’s Gertie’s 40s style blouse again made with some fabric that I bought this Christmas by the kilo at my hometown. This piece should have been like €4 and there’s still a bit left and another piece just exactly the same (maybe a future tiki dress?). I hope you’re not getting tired of these blouses because I have one more on the works for this month, and then I promise I’ll let the pattern rest for a bit while I make other things.

I think I didn’t talk a lot about sizing. This is size 4 and I made it according to my body measurements. Gertie doesn’t design with a lot of ease, so if you prefer your clothes on the loose side, you may consider going a size up. This fits me perfectly but I would have problems if I had broader shoulders.

Gerry is here busy trying to bite my brooch. I bought it a month ago at the market that happens on the square just across our building every Friday and Saturday. It’s a very small market but I love checking the vintage brooches, movie posters and antiques.

I don’t have a lot more to say about this blouse. It’s hard to believe, but even been this is my third blouse, I managed to sew the collar upside down. I think having too much work takes a toll. I rarely work over time, but when I have stressful days I feel less awake after work and I tend to make this kind of mistakes. Please tell me that I’m not the only one.

Gerry and I are ready for Spring and Summer. Bring them on!