The Top 5 of 2014

I found about this last year, and once again I’m participating. I’m not very good at these things but looking back is always a good idea to be able to look forward.

Top 5 Hits

Luckily this year I can nominate my top 5 hits without having to dig too deep. I think I’m getting better at this and I’m learning to make my own style.

This is technically from the end of 2013 but as I’ve just made another one (not blogged yet), I count this as a success this year too.

This was a project that took forever but it was worth until the last stitch. I modified the armscye and added a quilted lining, and I can say that I’ve worn this to death. I’m taking a break now because the temperatures are too low but I foresee a lot of wear from February onwards.

My weight has changed this year and I’m not sure they fit me well right now, but I have made in total three pairs (two this year). Now that I know more about fitting I should try to make another pair but better. I think I’ll try Gertie’s trousers this year.

  • Lady Skater Dress

Unblogged due to my health issues, but I made my second this summer and I’ve cut a third. I just love this pattern, and after making a a couple of tweaks (narrowing upper part and sleeves, shortening bust, lengthening skirt) it’s become my to-go pattern to make knit dresses. I see many Lady Skater dresses and tshirts in the future.

After a long search for the perfect 40s blouse pattern, finally Gertie’s second book was a blessing. This was made with no mods and I already have fabric to make 6 more. This is going to be part of my signature style.

This is one of the very few knits accomplished this year, but I truly love this sweater and I’m wearing it while typing this.

Top 5 Misses

This bag was not a miss in itself. In fact I’ve used it quite a lot to transport my sewing tools to the shop where I used to have sewing classes, plus also for the very few trips I made this year. The problem here was the interfacing used for the bottom. It was good and sturdy but did not survive the washing machine. When the bag came out of the machine the interfacing had transformed into a little ball. As everything is enclosed, I don’t want to take it out but that means the bottom of the bag is not stiff anymore. Even like that it makes a wonderful travel bag.

I never ever wore this skirt. It’s was also probably because I went out very little this year due to my illness and I hate ironing. I think I’ll install horshair braid on this one and see what happens next spring and summer.

This blouse is just not my style. I made some Sewaholic patterns because they gorgeous and are designed for pear shaped women, which means that there’s in general less fitting to be done, but now I’m finally more selective and trying to sew and knit garments that match my style, even if that means more fitting issues. I have more experience, so that doesn’t scare me like before.

Top 5 Highlights

  • Koen

My boyfriend is my best blessing. He sticks with me and endures all that’s lately happening like a champion. He’s my rock and my partner in everything. I love you, Koen, you know that.

  • New apartment with a dedicated sewing space

We moved in August to another apartment. It’s much bigger than the previous one, and finally I could get a dedicated sewing space, which makes everything faster, neater and simply better. The picture above is just after installing the table. It has more things nowadays, but I’m with my family these days so I can’t take a picture right now.

  • A Serger

Koen surprised me on my birthday with this wonderful present. I’m still learning a lot about it but I succeeded at using it to overlock edges. The next step will be using it to sew knits. As soon as I get back home, I promise.

  • Gerry

Being home bound for so long can be hard on one’s moral but this little guy keeps me company and my spirits up. He’s funny, smart, cheeky and sweet (when he wants). Having a lovebird can be demanding sometimes, but they give you so much in return. My sewing and knitting are slower sometimes because of him, but I wouldn’t want to live without him.

Top 5 Reflections

Something that really took a big toll this year was my health (or the lack of it). I could have sewn more, knitted more and enjoyed life more in general if it was not because of this. I had little issues before, but in April I started to feel that there was something clearly wrong with me. It took me months and numerous doctor visits until I got referred to the mast cells specialists in August. By that time my weight dropped to 44 kg and I was desperately hungry and lost. I can’t still see the end of this but at least I know I’m in good hands. But the other side that nobody sees is that since August I’m eating everyday the same. My diet is reduced to five foods and I only drink water (and my morning tea). I’ve learned to appreciate the good things I have and the good people who stood beside me (Koen, you’re my rock), but I’ve also lost much in the way. I lost time, I lost money, I lost some of my illusions and I lost quite some friends. In a certain way it’s something good, because the ones who stayed are the true ones; but it’s also hard to stop seeing people who where your party fellows and who gave you so many happy moments. Many things are gone, and many people too. I’m still learning about not dwelling on it too much. It mortified me for a while but not anymore. I guess when this happens you learn to weight what you have, and you also learn to prioritize things. What mortifies me right now is being tied to my home and not being able to do things normal people do, like eating outside or enjoying a casual snack. I have to say no often to eating-out plans. This usually happens with people that don’t know about my condition. Usually old friends who pass by Madrid and expect to meet and socialize like it’s done over here. I hate having to tell the same story again, but I think I hate it most because I can’t tell the end or the conclusion. It’s like telling a story which you don’t know very well and ignore the end. At least I have learned to take pleasure on the little things, but recounting my story still makes me cry sometimes. I guess I still have a long way to go.

Top5 Goals

  • Getting healthy or have a normalish life: I know I have a long way to go but I’m not giving up on having some improvements. The good thing about my doctor is that she answers my emails quite fast (usually the same day), so if things don’t work, we fine tune the treatment to see if things could go better. Mast cells issues are not very well known and many times is just trial and error.
  • Building a capsule wardrobe: Teresa from Canary Knits got me started on this. I’m usually pretty lazy to do this kind of things, but I think it could be interesting for the next point.
  • Sewing and knitting my style.
  • Keep learning about my new serger.
  • Being able to travel: I know this will take time and may not be for 2015 but I won’t give up.

Me Made May: some thoughts

I apologize for the delay in writing and publishing this post. I thought the most boring part would be adding the pictures, but it wasn’t like that. In fact, I added them ten days ago, but my allergies and health issues are distracting me too often from the things that make me happy. I shouldn’t let that happen again, and I’m glad to inform that, even though my allergies haven’t got any better, the situation is more under control.

Here the pictures from Me May Made 2014:

As you can see there are a lot of repeats. I haven’t been sewing for so long and last year I regretted so much not being able to participate, so this year I decided to join even with my small handmade wardrobe. I’m very happy that I decided to do so, because it helped me to recognize gaps, successes and fails.

Let’s take a look at some numbers:

The total winners this month were the Miette Cardigan, Thurlow Trousers and the Lady Skater Dress. That cardigan is so versatile, comfortable and ideal for these temperatures that I should knit at least two more. The fact of being white helps a lot to combine with almost any dress or skirt in my wardrobe. When knitting it I disliked the portion of cotton in the fibers, but now that I wear it, I realize that it’s ideal for this weather, for summer when airco conditions and part of autumn. I should knit another one in another basic color and another one in a vivid color that goes with my wardrobe. I should also give a try to another of Andi‘s cardigans knitted with similar yarn.

The Thurlow trousers combined got 13 days of wear, same as the Miette Cardigan. That’s a lot of wear. I confess that during colder months I wore them even more, easily almost everyday I had a Thurlow on my legs. Now getting warmer and me thinner, it’s happening less and less. This week I rescued my old jeans that were too tight two years ago. I like them but that enormous waist annoys me. I would like to make more Thurlows and a pair of jeans but I don’t know how my weight is going to evolve. I’ve lost 6 kg in 2 months due to my allergies (you know the feeling of crying due to starving?) but as I’ve said, the situation is now under control. I’ve discovered yuca starch and I’m making some experiments and I have already my energy back. Now I need the weight too.

And what to say about the Lady Skater? It’s comfy, flattering and the perfect summer dress. I’m already cutting a second one (where I raised the waist 3 cm) and planning a third one. I should make one in a plain fabric one day. Also the fact of being elastic, makes it wearable despite the fact that my weight is still changing. I expected to make Anna, Bleuet and Bombshell dresses this month, but that’s not going to happen. At least until I stabilize my weight and my life (eating and sport-wise).

The Freija and Owls sweaters got a lot less wear than previous months due to the weather getting warmer, but trust me, winter was spent inside those two sweaters. I’m knitting a second Owls Sweater and I should knit something like that Freija again. Not the same pattern but something similar. I’m at the moment knitting Armande in purple. It’s going to be awesome.

The Cambie Dress was worn only 4 times, but in my defense I should say that it was finished at the beginning of May. Gosh, I love that dress. It’s very comfortable and elegant, and if I didn’t wear it more often was because I think it’s too chick just to go to the bakery (I work from home most of the time). I liked it so much that I decided to make a skirt from the same pattern. The skirt got worn just 2 times, but that’s because I finished it almost at the end of the month. Also, the dress was made during my most heavy weight loss, so it’s a bit loose now, but still wearable.

The Ziggi biker jacket was just worn at the end of the month when we had a cold spell, but I swear that I wore it almost everyday the previous month. That jacket and how I planned was a total success. I’m so happy that I decided to install a quilted lining.

The same goes for the Fleece Renfrew. I wore it a lot in April, but May was a bit warmer so no change to wear it too much.

There were things that got worn just once and finally I know why. The cowl neck dress was a lovely idea, but my knowledge was poor then. The fabric is too thin and the skirt just gets in between my legs when walking. Probably a slip would help here. Also the hem and armscyes look a bit sloppy, again because the fabric is so thin. It was a good idea, but the fabric and execution were wrong. The orange skirt just feels too large now. It’s designed to be worn lower than the natural waist and that doesn’t help now that I’ve lost weight. Also the waist line looks a bit weird. Well, there was undoubtedly some evolution in my sewing. The A-line skirt with patch pockets had a lot of wear last year but not now. Why? Not sure. I think the fact that tends to turn when walking and rubbing against my handbag annoys me a bit. I hate to have to pay too much attention to those things when I’m walking. That also happens to the light blue A-line skirt. I think it’s in part because they sit lower than the original waist and I’ve lost weight. Anyway, that’s why I prefer dresses now (even though the Cambie skirt is a complete success). Another reason is that right now I prefer just under the knee length.

The portrait blouse got worn 4 times, but previous months I wore it more just because I wore less dresses. I like that blouse, but there’s something wrong with it. It wrinkles a bit on the underarms and my execution was not the best. Anyway, I think I need more blouses for the times that I wear trousers and for that Cambie skirt. I’ve recently finished an Alma blouse (still unblogged) and I’m planning a Belcarra blouse, a Black Canvas Tee, a Maria Denmark Edith-Tiki Blouse, and an Archer Tiki Blouse; and I think that’s the right direction.

I really wanted to wear my Lonsdale Dress, but May was not as warm as expected. The problem with the Lonsdale is the bow or knot on the back, and that’s a bit annoying to wear a cardigan over it. I’ll probably modify that if I ever make it again.

I’ve also discovered that I feel more happy when wearing things that I spent quite some time making, and not rushing through the process. I didn’t wear my Hawthorn and i think it’s because I got carried away by the sewalong but I didn’t feel it was my style. The Thurlows, the Lady Skater, the blouse, the Cambie; those were made just when I felt the need of making them. Not rushing to make a deadline. Also, my last Alma blouse is a complete beauty and it took me some days. This is just to say that it’s great to be part of the community and joining sewalongs, but sometimes we need to avoid distractions and make what our heart feels and at our own pace. I’m more of a perfectionist right now. For me, especially in these difficult moments, it’s what makes sense and makes me happy.


Completed: Blue Herrinbone Thurlow Trowsers

I’m participating in this sewalong almost by accident, but being blue my favorite color, it was impossible for me not to join.

Since I made my first pair of Thurlows I hardly wore other pants. I loved the fit and comfort so much that I wanted a pair in every color an fabric to wear those and only those. My RTW jeans are not loved anymore, they feel tight on the thighs, the waist loose, with all those wrinkles created by the belt. No, once one knows better, average is not good anymore.


I coveted a fabric for months. I remember visiting the shop and going to this bolt just to touch this fabric and check the prize tag once again. But the €28 per meter was just too much. Luckily I found exactly the same fabric in blue in my last visit to Vigo. It was in that fabric-by-the-kilo shop, and I bought 2 meters for €8. Incredible! After this precious purchase I was so worried to cut into this fabric and ruin it but I have to say that it went fine. It pressed quite well and it was easy to sew.

The construction went very smooth. This is my third pair and the previous one was made very recently, so the details were fresh in my mind. No issues at all, and I even recognized a problem that showed in my last pair and found a way to fix it. I have done so and I’ll show you very soon.

I was not sure about what fabric to use for pockets and lining, but as soon as I’ve seen this parrots cotton quit I knew it was the one. And Gerry of course approved!

Sorry for the lovebird overload, just a mother proud of her son. And you can clearly see that he’s through a molt and he’s getting a beautiful orange brow.

I feel a bit bold for using such a contrasting fabric, but now that it’s done I don’t get tired of looking at it.

Now that I see this picture I remember the only thing that didn’t go well: the damn buttonhole. My machine makes 1-step buttonholes and when I use thick fabrics or several layers it tends to screw up. I had to finish this one by hand while swearing that I’ll conquest perfect buttonholes one day.

This time I hand sewed the hem, since I thought it was more appropriate for this kind of fabric. It took forever but I like the result.

I used again size 2 but 4 for the seat (big bum, I know) and I didn’t taper the legs down this time. I like the drape of this fabric, even though I should have ironed those creases a lot better.

The length is perfect and saved in my mind for the future. I just need to chop 2 inches off and use the 1″ 3/4 for the hem. Being quite short I have to be careful adjusting the length on broad pants so that they don’t dwarf me even more.

I really really love how these pants fit and I’m proud to say that I adjusted the waist a lot better in these than in previous versions.

I finished the pants last Wednesday and I’ve been wearing them a lot. I was afraid at first, since I don’t own a lot of clothes that need to be dry-cleaned (not going to hand wash these) and I didn’t want to spill food or drinks on them, but hell, I decided to wear them to go out on Saturday night and I loved them. They are warm, comfortable, chic and blue. What else would I ask for?

Top 5 of 2013: Hits

I’ve just fond this wonderful initiative by Gillian and I couldn’t help but join. Today I will enumerate my 2013 hits. These are my most loved creations from this year:


1. Thurlow Trowsers: They were a bit of a challenge but I love how they fit, so much that I dislike wearing my other pants and I urgently need to make more of these. I’ve already cut a pair in corduroy and bought some wool for another pair. They are beautiful and extremely comfortable. When I’m not wearing sweatpants to work (I work from home) I wear these, and also for going out and everyday life. The downside is that they need to be washed and cannot be worn everyday for just that reason.

2. Lady Skater Dress: It’s easy to make, very comfortable to wear and very flattering even for pear-shaped gals. It’s my to go dress for any warm day. I bought more fabric to make two more for next summer.

3. A-line skirt: This project marked a before and after in my sewing. It was the result of this Craftsy class, and I finally succeeded in making a skirt that flattered my body. Being pear-shaped it was not easy, but this skirt got me many compliments from other sewers. As I’d already mentioned before I have learned four key concepts with this class:

  • How to sew on a blind zipper without having puckers.
  • How to sew the facing to the zipper with the machine.
  • The importance of square angles at the sides (waist and hem) when designing the skirt.
  • How to use muslins to improve fitting.

4. Reversible Zippie Hoodie: I wanted to sew something for my niece this year and this design fitted the bill. The construction is very clever and the execution went very smooth. My niece instantly loved it and if fits wonderfully.

5. Jedediah pants: Koen was so jealous of my pants that he requested a pair for him. This pattern had just been released at the right moment. I modified it to adjust it to Koen’s figure and preferences. He loves these linen pants so much that he’s still wearing them now in December. I should definitely make at least another pair of pants for him.


1. Freija: I loved the yarn from the beginning, the color was gorgeous and it was very soft. I wanted to knit this pattern for ages and with a couple of mods it came out perfect. I wear it a lot and the yarn is quite durable. It got me many complements from knitters and non-knitters.

2. Émilien: I was at first afraid of the sweater curse, but nothing bad happened during its execution or later. It was Koen himself who requested this cardigan and the colors to combine. He wears it a lot except when it’s just to warm for it. I learned some new things with this project:

  • Provisional cast-on
  • Jogless stripes
  • Matress stitch
  • How to sew a zipper to knitted garments

3. Miette Cardigan: I was not very excited about the yarn used for this project while I was knitting it, but it has proven to be perfect for when the weather cools down in summer. I’ve used it a lot more than expected and it goes perfectly with my Lady Skater Dress.

4. Cellphone Sleeve: A very simple project and my first design. Not a very exciting project but Koen requested it and loved it. He used until last month, when he got a new cell phone. He’s already requested a new one but has to wait until the Christmas rush has passed 🙁

5. Calimero: I almost forgot this one. It’s true that sometimes we don’t see what’s just in front of our eyes, because I’ve been wearing this non-stop since the weather cooled down. It’s very comfortable and warm, and once you slip it in you forget about it, unlike some scarfs which tend to move. It was an easy knit and it proved very useful.

These were my 2013 hits. What were yours?

A family week

As I’ve explained in my previous post, after experimenting very high temperatures in Madrid, I felt too optimistic and packed two skirts, a pair of shorts, a dress and a half for my two weeks here. The half comes from the pieces I cut to make a Lonsdale dress, since I missed two of them and they just went back into the suitcase. I only brought a pair of long pants that I wore almost non stop since I arrived: my thurlows. But after spilling some food today during lunch at my sister’s I had to leave them go almost by themselves to the washing machine. I’m wearing now a pair of very old pants. Last time I wore them was about two or three years ago, when I arrived too late to the airport in Brussels (that time not my fault, there were just some works on the rails and we got stuck for more than half an hour) and I had to run to the gate leaving my suitcase behind. At that time these pants were already quite old.

For the rest the week didn’t go too bad. Koen’s parents enjoyed Vigo and the weather on the day we went to the Islands was the best of all the ones we had. Sadly I have no pictures from it. When I first got my DLSR I used to take it everywhere with me, but then I got a third lens, the 50 mm 1.8, and I’m on the petite side and I always find annoying to take it here and there. I’ve decided that I’ve got to put a solution to it, and that’s making my own camera bag; something big enough to also carry my wallet, cellphone and all the stuff I carry in my purse. I have checked on internet a bit and I like the Paparazzi camera bag (adding a recessed top zipper) or this cinch tote (I would make modifications to this last one too).

Paparazzi Camera Bag
Cinch tote

We went one day to Retales Lidia, where they sell some fabric by the kilo, apart from other things. Koen wanted to buy some linen for a pair of Jedediah pants and shorts. Morgan actually looked for pattern testers and I applied but I sent my email too late to be able to part take in it. I think it was good in the end, because when I’m here it’s sometimes difficult to find the right moment for sewing. We bought 3 meters of a wonderful linen and I’m planning in joining the Jedediah sewalong that will take place in August. We will be just back from Belgium and I’ll be ready to sew! They also have cotton quilt at a very reasonable price (€ 7,50) and lots of other nice fabrics.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the fabric we bought, but I took a couple of pictures there that seemed funny to me. They sell not only fabric by the kilo but also old buttons and zippers!

My orange skirt

I finished this skirt probably more than one month ago, but we had such a cold and rainy spring this year that I forgot this skirt at the bottom of my finished projects drawer. It’s funny, since the bad weather was the main reason to hurry with my Thurlow trousers, and just when I finish them we are over 30ºC.

This is a self-drafted pattern and I’ve used the knowledge I learned at the A-line skirt Crafty class. I simply took my previously drafted pattern and I sliced it open to give it more volume. I had to make a small adjustment here since I have prominent hips and that part needs to be smoothed out when slicing out the pattern, making the side lines a bit more “straight”, otherwise you’ll end up with two strange “bumps” on the sides. Ah, the beauty of muslins…

It’s made of two different fabrics. I found a thrifted piece of embroidered chiffon for 2 euros and I needed a lining to be able to make something wearable. At first I was looking for a simple white cotton, but after some tests and Koen’s opinion, I decided also orange would work better.


  • Orange chiffon: 2 euros
  • Orange cotton: 3 euros
  • Zipper: less than 1 euro
  • Thread: 2 euros

Total cost: around 8 euros.

I worked on it a bit during one of my weekly sewing classes and the teacher proposed to hem both fabrics together. In her opinion, it was going to be easier and it  would look better. I finished the skirt at home and I decided to plow and continue with my initial plan of hemming them separately. I followed this Megan Nielsen’s rolling hemming tutorial without a rolled hem foot and even my teacher had to admit that the result was pretty good.

Today I wore this skirt and I got compliments from the girl working at the local bakery. Well, after so many months seeing me in my jeans uniform, it was quite a change.

Designing and sewing can be sometimes energy consuming, and sometimes I suffer from insomnia just by thinking about what I want to make and how I want to make it. Koen usually gets up one hour earlier than me and before leaving (well, not really before leaving, since in the morning he’s slower than the slowest of women) he wakes me up. I don’t remember if this happened when I was making this skirt or during the Thurlow frenzy, but one morning he came to wake me up and I was mumbling in my sleep about a skirt I had made for him, that it was too long and had to be fixed. Well, you can imagine how hard Koen had to laugh at me that morning. Deeply in my heart I know he’s a bit jealous of my me-made sewn garments and I know that since I started to work on my Thurlows, he wants a pair of pants. Well, I just found out about a pattern that will be released very soon. The Jedediah pants are the answer to my wishes and they are just $8.50. I think I’ll give it a try.

Let me introduce you to my new trowsers!

Last time I talked about them here was just after making my two muslins. I haven’t been very active here lately because I really wanted to have them finished in one week. Sadly that was not possible, it wasn’t a week but ten days. Not bad, I would say, for my first attempt. If you count the pre-process, then it took me longer, but tracing the pattern pieces using our windows is a crafty job.

We live across a school. I wonder if the children were in class while I did this.

Cutting the fabric was also not the most pleasant of tasks. It was not difficult, but after ironing the fabric and cutting during more than one hour, my right thumb went numb for almost five days. My fabric shears cut just fine, but I will probably need to get more ergonomic ones.

The first steps went rather smooth, except for the fact that I placed the pockets lining inside out, but that’s not a very important detail. Even like that they’re more beautiful that RTW pants pockets.

I used what I learned when I fixed Koen’s jeans pocket and finished my pockets like the ones of RTW jeans.

The welt pockets did not pose a problem thanks to Lladybird’s explanations and despite Koen’s fear of ending with pockets that opened up all the time like some we’ve seen on internet (I swear I don’t remember this detail, but Koen was almost obsessed with sleepy-awake welt pockets) they ended up fine.

It’s true that after Koen’s warnings I tried to be especially careful with this and I sewed them close by hand before finishing them to keep the shape during the process.

What almost made me cry was the fly zipper. Even following Lladybird’s instructions, I screwed up somehow (I still don’t know what happened). That night I had troubles to sleep and I promised myself that these were going to be the first and last pants that I attempted to make. The day after I started to see things better, I fixed my issue and I fell in love with my pants again.

The zipper was not the only thing I did wrong. If you remember my muslins, you’ll know that the size 4 was too loose but the butt seemed fine. The size 2 muslin was perfect but the rear was a bit tight, so I had to keep that in mind when I made these pants, and off course I forgot; so when I tried them my butt looked like a Spanish chorizo. As I tried to be very careful and “professional”, that seam was made with a triple stitch, and it took me almost one hour to reap it. I can still see the marks of the old stitches and I hope against hope that they will go away when I wash the pants.

All in all, they look fine and I’m extremely happy with them. With giving more space to my rear I got the waist a bit loose, but as it has belt loops it doesn’t worry me too much.

I trimmed a bit more than 2 inches from the bottom and I narrowed the legs quite a bit. I made them follow my thigh line with a comfortable ease and from the knee down parallel to the seam until the bottom.

The back also looks ok. It wrinkles a bit, what makes me think that next time I could try to alter it with a fish eye dart. But as I look at it again and again, I become more and more happy and I think I will just keep this shape.

And I can move inside them! No more thighs tightness due to my caopeirista’s legs. These pants are a win win!

The fabric was around 18 euros. Not bad, I would say, for a pair of pants.

Thurlow Trousers: two muslins

I finally started working on my Thurlow Trowsers. As I was not sure of the size that would fit me best, I traced the pattern on some new tracing paper placing it on my living-room window. My measurements are the ones for size 6, but after checking Tasha’s picture and reading again Lladybird’s post, I think I should make one or two sizes less. I like my pants to be fitted. So I made a muslin for size 4 and… then for size 2, and these are the results.

For the size 4 the front looks decent. Not perfect but decent.

Size 4

But size 2 looks much better.

Size 2

The rear is ok too. I adjusted the center back seam in the size 4 a bit too tight maybe, I could have taken less but then the fit would have been worse (too lose). There are some wrinkles under the butt, what makes me think that even this size could be a bit too large for me.

Size 4

Size 2 looks a bit better, but I think I need more place at the rear. Good that that back seam has plenty of fabric. Still some wrinkles on my back legs, but I was naughty and I didn’t iron the muslin for size 2. After making the one for size 4 I was really impatient to see the effect of size 2.

Size 2

And if we pay a closer attention, the front of size 4 is in fact quite loose.

Size 4

After making the muslin for size 4, I felt incredibly lazy, but I knew that I needed to make one for size 2 to be sure. I was afraid of the crotch depth being too small on size 2, but that was not a problem (the pants kind of get inside your butt when this is the case).

After making size 4 I had bad thoughts of me not being really pear-shaped but just a monster with very thick thighs. I was worried about the legs of size 2 not being wide enough for my capoeirista’s thighs, but after making size 2 and walking, siting and crouching I can say that there’s definitely enough place for my legs there.

Size 4
Size 2

I apologize for the quality of the pictures. It’s what happens when you take them just by yourself with your crappy cellphone. I promise to take better ones when I use the real fabric.

What I have observed around 6 months ago was that my old pants didn’t fit me anymore. Well, they did, but they got kind of tight in the thighs. It’s what happens after some months practicing capoeira, that thigh muscles start developing incredibly fast. I hope this new pants will fit me for a very long time. I wonder what kind of pants the Incredible Hulk uses. They never break on his thighs or butt!