Why I’m not (officially) participating in Me Made May (MMM)

The answer is easy: because I’m already wearing me made clothes everyday and for me MMM is an exercise to try and wear handmade clothes and find the gaps in one’s wardrobe. Then you have to add the hassle of taking daily pics and feeling guilty about repeating clothes. I don’t do parties, I don’t have to go to an office everyday. I just work from home and do my routinely grocery shopping, go to pilates class twice a week, and to the vet from time to time. I love sewing vintage dresses, but that’s not what I’m wearing on a daily basis and I have made peace with it a long time ago. I have already found and filled the gaps in my wardrobe. What else do I need?

When I’m at home I need to be comfortable, and I don’t wear my knitted garments because, in case you didn’t know, I’m going to tell you that birds nails felt wool like felting needles, that and the occasional bird dropping I may get on me. I admire Tasha for trying to dress glamorous at home, but that just doesn’t work for me. And not just due to the birds. I need to cook all my meals due to my autoimmune disorder, and then I need to clean up afterwards. Just don’t blame me if I’m wearing my two Carolyn pajama bottoms in heavy rotation.

And off course one of my four Barrie Briefs (planning more):


Then I change clothes when going out, but it’s always to the regular things like the grocery store, the pilates studio, the vet and mundane places like these. If it’s cold you will see me wearing of my knitted sweaters. In the past I would also wear one of my me made pants, but after losing weight they don’t fit anymore, I’ll need to make new ones.

When the weather is a bit less cold I often wear my Ziggi Biker Jacket:


And when the weather finally warms up I’ll be wearing one of my four Lady Skater Dresses, and I’m planning two more as soon as I have the time, since they are ultra comfortable:

Then I can also wear a blouse for a special occasion, and that’s it, really!

My wardrobe may seem boring, but I’m a practical person and I don’t need tons of different clothes; apart from the fact that my life is mostly at home with the birds and the occasional going out to run some errands. I’ll save you the boredom and I’ll save me the hassle, and I’ll just keep on wearing and making what I want, and enjoying other sewists pictures participating in Me Made May.

Thoughts on Me-Made-May

I was yesterday reading the last post from Lauren and I felt like she was speaking out loud what I think almost everyday when I’m going to take the picture of my daily outfit. I was bugged because it seems I’m always wearing a uniform: my Angela Wolf Bootcut Jeans paired with whatever I feel like wearing that day. We haven’t had very warm days to wear my Lady Skater Dresses, and I fell out of love for my Thurlows. They are lovely pants, but they are not ME.

I work from home most of the days (like 99% of the year), and I just go out for a bit during my lunch break to go to the grocery store. Two evenings a week I also go to pilates class. And that, friends, is what I dress for. As you know I have a lovebird, and even though it doesn’t happen often, it’s not rare that some droppings may fall “accidentally” on me, so at home I’m just wearing whatever t-shirt I find in my drawer and some sweat pants or pajama bottoms. No fancy housedresses for me, I just hate the cooking smell on my clothes for going out.

And apart from that, I don’t have a very fancy life. I may go to the occasional Swing Party (let’s be honest, I haven’t done that in months), and during the pollen season I avoid going outside too much. I’ve always been more practical than anything with my clothes, and I am a bit of a rebel about dressing up. Whenever I see pictures in FB of my old classmates from school, I see woman close to their 40s. It’s the age we are, even you though can’t see it because I always looked younger and I always dressed like a teenager. I tried to dress up like the age I am but it just doesn’t feel me. I like sewing to make clothes I love to wear again and again, clothes that fit me better than RTW and are ultra comfortable to wear. I don’t want a closet full of handmade clothes that I don’t love nor wear. I LOVE my handmade jeans, and I wear them with pride as much as I want. If you get bored of my MMM pictures, just think that I’m not changing anything of what I’m doing the rest of the year: wearing handmade clothes that I love.

It’s just that I found a bit stressful the thought of trying to wear a completely different outfit everyday, and my mind is in more important things right now, like trying to heal and have a normal-lish life.