Life is still changing here. Marvin, another rescued lovebird, joined Billy, Daisy and Colin. The group dynamics still need some more time but they are progressing favorably.

Billy is being treated right now for a bacterial hepatitis. He was not himself lately so we decided to pay a visit to the vet, and after an X-ray and a blood sample he confirmed the diagnose. He’s been on antibiotics for almost two weeks and he’s much better now.

And Colin, the most lovable bird in the world.

Colin says hi #lovebirds

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We will moving soon again. If you remember, we moved about a year ago but this apartment never lived up to our expectations, apart from being freackingly expensive and quite far from Koen’s work. Also the landlord is the most irresponsible person I’ve ever known. We had continuous toilet clogs since the beginning of spring and had to wait days with the whole mess in the bathroom. So we’re leaving. Soon. We went yesterday to see a beautiful apartment. It will be available at the end of the year, but we don’t mind waiting since we need to give a two months notice at the current apartment.

As I’ve said before, my sewing and knitting mojo left with my beloved Gerry, but I made an effort for two important babies:

Koen’s newest nephew


And of my friends from university’s first baby

I used the Peekaboo Lullaby bodysuit pattern. As I made them already some time ago, I don’t remember a lot, except that my sewing machine chewed up one of the sleeves when hemming it, so I decided not to topstitch the neckline to avoid making a mess. I do this more and more with knits, as my machine is quite unpredictable on them. Probably I will get a new one when things are settled down (I have my eye on the Elna 3210).

And as I had quite some fabric leftover I made another Kitschycoo Barrie Briefs. I barely wore the other two I made this summer because the double fabric made made me sweat (we had the hottest summer in the last 10 years), but for fall and winter they are nice and cozy.

Aren’t they nice with their knights and dragons?


Slowly emerging from the darkness and lots of changes

I’m alive, although I don’t know if I can say the same about this blog, or other aspects of my life for that matter. My life stopped in April and I’m still trying to take the reigns of it. I still don’t have a definitive diagnostic about what’s wrong with me (I’ll know more next week) but I guess it’s a mix between a severe oral allergy syndrome and histamine intolerance. Around April my life started to be unbearable, I started my peregrination to many different doctors and all this took a heavy toll. Since these two conditions are not very well known and not very well investigated, I started to read, study and soak any related information, which consumed all my energies. All my efforts were focused on knowing what is wrong with me, how to improve it, talking to people with similar issues, visiting doctors, working on my diet. Being ill is a full time job, leaving no energies or time for anything else. I kept doing my job thanks to being extremely lucky and being able to work from home. Otherwise I don’t know how I would have been able to manage. I can’t eat outside. I need to prepare all my meals from scratch, avoiding what is normal and healthy for most people, even spices. I need to know and control all the ingredients in everything I eat to avoid allergic reactions and feeling miserable the day after. And I need very fresh food. I have to avoid all fruits and most vegetables due to my oral allergy syndrome, cereals and potatoes are also out for the same reason, gluten makes me extremely tired and dairy gives me a horrible congestion the same day and even more the day after. And then the eggs. Eating eggs gives me a horrible migraine the day after. Sometimes I don’t get the migraine, but I feel like I have the worst hangover ever, not being able to think or drag my miserable body around our apartment. At least I’m starting to know my triggers and I have to say that my oral allergy has improved a little bit, meaning that my lips and throat are not swelling with every meal I have. Now it’s usually just my lips once or twice a day. That is helping with avoiding losing more weight. Two weeks ago I went to a Mastocytosis research center and my weight was 44.9 Kg. Today it’s almost 46 and I’m not feeling like I’m going to faint if I need to walk somewhere.

Unlike it’s mentioned in “the Fault in our Stars” (read the book, didn’t watch the movie), Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is true, at least for me. I was (am) so busy reading about these diseases that I abandoned all the rest. I stopped knitting in part because of the horrible eczema I have between my fingers (partly due to my allergies, partly due to the medication), then I stopped sewing too. The last makes were a Lady Skater dress, a pair of Prefontaine shorts and a Soma bikini.

I have cut another Lady Skater that I didn’t bring myself to sew. My body has changed a lot since all this started. I think I’ve lost like almost 10 Kg and I don’t know how it will be in the next future. Part of my weight was due to the muscle I got practicing capoeira and I know that I will probably never be able to practice again, at least with the same intensity. In hinder sight, probably the intensity of it has worsened my histamine intolerance. Anyway, I just don’t know where I’m headed. I had a plan of making a pair of shorts for Koen using the Jedediah pants pattern I used last year, but then other things got in the way.


When all this started, when I still had the hope that I was going to get over it quite fast, we decided that this summer we deserved a treat. We wanted to travel again, not very far, not very costly, but just spending some days somewhere else. We rented an apartment for 6 days in August  in Lanzarote and hoped for the best. Koen has been complaining a bit for a while about our apartment, just because it’s too small and how wonderful it would be to have an apartment with a terrace and a guest room. And after checking online for some weeks we finally found a lovely place. But it was at the wrong time. Just before Koen had to spend a week in Denver to attend a congress and a week after we had our vacation in Lanzarote. And as I’ve said before, being ill is a full-time job and a vacation in thiese conditions is not a vacation. That week I lost more than one kilo and I spent quite some time reading and starving.

And Koen was offered a new contract and I had also mine renewed. And if we wanted the apartment, we had to take it at that precise moment, with no time to think carefully because we were in a waiting list and more people were behind us. We moved in one month ago, but with all this, there’s still a lot of work to do here. It’s in a very old building but the apartment has been renovated and it has a wonderful terrace. When we first arrived it was a bit frustrating, since half of the plants were dead and we discovered several surprises, like a problem with the washing machine pipe, the oven door, or the upstairs neighbor being too friendly with pigeons, and the consequent “presents” we get each morning from them. The word to describe the state we found the terrace is decadent. Dead plants, pigeon drops, a broken hose. But the place has quite some charm and it has lots of possibilities. It also means that  there’s a lot of work to be done and while it helps me to feel motivated, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.

Anyhow, we have a lot more place than before, so I hope I can start sewing again soon. Other good thing of it is that we can invite friends home and that will help me to get part of my social life back. Our previous apartment was very small and we haven’t gone out for several months. No dinners or drinks outside.

I haven’t even read sewing or knitting blogs during these past months, I even abandoned instagram most of the time, but yesterday evening I found myself checking a couple of blogs again. I think the worst is over and I will have my life back soon.

There have been also some changes in the feathery department. Gerry was a bit stressed the first days after the move but he’s enjoying now the fact that he has a lot more space, and one of the windows in the living room has become his favorite spot from where he has a nice view of the square in front of our building.

And do you remember Leslie? The Gouldian finch I found on the street almost two months ago?

He came in a pretty bad state, very hungry and distressed. His health improved but still his behavior was not the one of a happy bird. After a month of trying to find his previous owners with no luck, we decided to give him a girlfriend, and two weeks later Sally came home. You can see that both look very healthy and active, they eat very well, Leslie sings and they seem quite happy together.

P.S.: I haven’t danced in ages. I miss it so much… I hope I can do it again soon…

Completed: The Brasilia Dress

Some time ago, when Rachel of HouseOfPinheiro requested some testers for her new pattern I joined in without thinking about all the projects I had in mind and the little time I normally have. Because this dress is beautiful. With elegant lines that hug the body one can’t help but feel classy in it. When I was trying it last week to ask for Koen’s opinion, he said that it would be good for a Sci-Fi convention. I guess that those diagonal lines plus the grey color give it a bit of a Sci-Fi flavor. That and the light reflecting on my tummy. The days are getting short and taking pictures with natural light is becoming more and more difficult, and when we get it, it could be sometimes too much, like in this case. I apologize, we had a very sunny day (Madrid Winters are sunny and beautiful, but also very cold).

I had to adapt the pattern to my measurements, quite different from Rachel’s (bust: 88 cm; waist: 67 cm; hip: 98 cm), do an FBA (for a B cup) and a slopping shoulders alteration. For the resizing I used the slice and tuck (or spread) method described in zillions of places, but I checked the Colette sewing book just in case. The FBA of this pattern is a bit special due to the bodice structure and the placement of the darts, but even though it didn’t pose any problems. I used my personal pattern blocks to compare dimensions during the process and I have to say that it sped things quite a bit. I had to shorten the bodice by 3 cm (Rachel is sooo tall) but I left the original hem length (I don’t look good in mini-skirts).

What I’m not very happy about is the fabric I used. The weight and elasticity are fine. For this project I would recommend a fabric with a little bit of elasticity so that it hugs the body, but I guess a regular cotton should work also fine. I wouldn’t recommend a knit fabric, since some structure is needed. When I complain about my fabric I don’t mean that it behaves wrongly. It doesn’t if you don’t disturb it. But I have to say that after prewashing it I notice some shrinkage when pressing it. It’s a polycotton with more poly than cotton I’m afraid, that I had leftover from Koen’s cosplay pants. It doesn’t press well, and if you insist it starts shrinking irregularly (even without steam). Therefore you can see some wrinkles especially on the front where I wanted to “tame” my seams. The skirt would need a good press but I was afraid of what could happen. I think I’m going to wash this again and see how it comes out.

I finished the neckline and armholes with bias tape but you could also apply facings. I was just a bit lazy and short of time, and anyway it looks fine like this.

I have to say that before making it I liked this dress, but now that I’ve made it I absolutely love it. You had to see my face the first time I tried on my muslin. I was amazed. The bodice lines are so flattering, and the side pieces create the illusion of having a wasp waist. Congrats, Rachel, and thanks a lot for allowing me to test this. I love this design and I’ll make it again with some better fabric.

Birthday and a give away

Today is my birthday. It’s been a long time since I have celebrated it, and the total of times that I did can be counted with the fingers of a hand. I dislike being the center of attention and I always prefer very small groups of… two rather than larger ones where I only feel lost and small. But this year was different. I know that we all have psychological barriers that we should overcome, and I knew this was one of mine. So I’ve decided this year to celebrate it with a small group of friends. I was quite stressed just before, I wanted everybody to feel fine and not obligated to come, but in the end it paid off. We were six (we missed one because he was out of town) and we had a nice and fun time together.

We went for dinner to a friend’s burger and then we went for a drink. After that two left because they leave outside Madrid, and the rest of us decided to go to a rock bar to dance. It was the third time for Koen and me there, and like the previous two times we danced some rock’n’roll and lindy-hop, and like the other two times, the DJ started an applause that extended to the rest of the bar. Weird and funny 🙂 I just wished it was Summer to wear a nice 40’s or 50’s dress for the occasion. But it was quite cold. We reached 3ºC (around 37ºF).

But the best of all was Koen. When we arrived home he came to me with some carefully wrapped presents in a beautiful paper (he used to be not very good at wrapping but he improved a LOT):

The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting.

Embroidery scissors, 5” craft scissors and dressmaker shears.

And the last one was so Koen-like: A scissors sharpening stone!

And I say that this is very Koen-like because lately Koen is very much into cut-throat razors. We are a bit of a vintage couple (when me met we discovered that both of us collected old radios and loved rock’n’roll music) and for already some months Koen ‘s been buying any cut-throat razor that he found in a decent state to restore it. He spends hours sharpening and stropping them and he even has different stones to do it. You can see us any evening watching a good TV show, while I knit and he sharpens. I know, we can be a weird couple 😉

But the best was the card that came with the presents. He wrote the most beautiful and thoughtful message anyone has ever written to me. He claims that he’s not very good with words, but he surpassed any poet with what he wrote. I’m so happy and so lucky that I could explode.

And as this weekend I’m all about breaking barriers and taking initiatives I want to organize a give away. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and the winner will get a pattern of choice up to $10 from Ravelry. Since this is just for downloadable patterns, this contest is open worldwide. It will be open for one week, until November 24th at midnight. Good luck!

To the infinity and beyond!

Last Saturday was the birthday of my friend Annalisa. We met unexpectedly in an activity that was not in my plans. Yes, we met in Capoeira class. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but I started practicing Capoeira because I was in the need of some aerobic activity. I went to the gym 5 minutes from my place and tried, or better said, suffered a first and last spinning class (the one with the bike, ha) and Koen convinced me to try Capoeira, that was also available at the same gym. And I got hooked. I met Annalisa there. She missed a lot of classes but together we convinced each other to take things more seriously. I just wanted to move a bit, do some exercise, and found a friend and a great sport. We instantly connected. It doesn’t happen often, it could have been that we both are thirty-something and in the same wavelength.

She is from Italy and spent the weekend there with her family. There was class today but she not going because she’s just arrived from Italy and I’m not going because I’ve been feeling not very well lately. I’ll give it to her at the next class. I have an appointment with my allergist tomorrow morning, so I stopped taking my antihistaminics last week just in case we are doing some tests again. Just the day after stopping  taking the pills I started to feel a bit ill, but I don’t know whether it’s either a cold or just allergy. It’s kind of weird, since among all the allergies I have (no few) ragweed was not one of them. But what else could be at this time of the year in a dry place? It’s not only that I’m sneezing all the time and I have a running nose, but I’m having itches all over my body, and in one of the pictures below you can see a couple of wheals on my face. I’m having them over and over and sometimes my lower lip gets a bit swollen on the left side. Last night I woke up at 4 am with a horrible itch just were the ankle joins the foot. I had to get up to put some cream to calm it down.

I have made this infinity scarf for Annalisa for her birthday. I more or less followed this recipe but my rectangle measurements were 150 x 56 cm (30 cm shorter than the original). Since this cotton blend is a knit I used a narrow zig-zag stitch. At first I was going to use cotton voile, since it’s what most infinity scarf recipes recommend, but I found this wonderful lacy knit I couldn’t let it pass. And I confess it, I love blue.

As you can see, I’ve recently bought a remote for my camera. This is from Amazon and it was cheaper than the official for Nikon. It’s simple but it does exactly what it’s expected. A nice buy!

The elasticity of the knit fabric makes the scarf very comfortable and versatile, something I hadn’t thought of before, when I was thinking of using cotton voile. It’s also very soft and breathable, and since it’s elastic you can even easily fold it in three for extra coziness.

Even if I’m not showing a happy and convinced face here I definitely love it. Just mind me, I have itches everywhere, a running nose and a light headache.

I’m not a Fall girl

This Fall is being harder on me than I expected. Last Winter lasted terribly long, almost until the end of what should have been Spring. We almost believed Summer was not going to come, but it did, and it was very dry and hot as it’s always here. And suddenly we are in Fall. Last year the beginning of Fall was still quite warm and sunny; well when is Madrid not sunny? These last days apparently. Today we’ve been conceded a truce, but last weekend it rained cats and dogs and I think the rest of the week is going to be the same. I’ve just washed some clothes because I love to let them dry out on the sun and from tomorrow onwards it’s not going to be possible. Strange weather for this time of the year in generally dry and sunny  Madrid.

I used to feel this tired when I was living Belgium. Winters were long and dark there, so I guess this apathy is just due to this sudden bad weather.

I see everybody excited about sewing for Fall and Winter knitting, but I feel an uncanny aversion to Fall and Winter colors and clothes. I hate greys and browns after wearing some vivid colors in Summer, heavy clothes compared to light ones. Why is it so difficult to find Fall and Winter clothes in happy colors? Even when making my own garments I’m also a bit tied to colors, since Winter fabrics tend to show more those dark and sad greys and browns.

I had the plan of knitting Hetty this month and I was looking for a happy teal color. That Berroco Blackstone Tweed is impossible to find in Spain and they don’t sell it at Laine et Tricot (France), where I normally buy. I finally saw it at Loop Knitting (UK), but many of the colors were either sold out or there were like two or three skeins left. I finally bought some maroon skeins (Cranberry Bog) that looked more or less nice, but now that I’m knitting with them I find them depressing. It’s a really Wintery color, don’t you think?

Fall is already here and I can only think about making Hawaiian tops or Tiki dresses like the last one Amanda made. I guess this is what happens when you know bloggers from the South Hemisphere. You become green with envy.

Starting the test

After a couple of months not knitting on a daily basis, today I’ve decided to start the pattern test for Andi. I received my wool this week and today we are leaving on a weekend trip to Valencia. The train there takes slightly longer than 90 minutes, so I think I will make some progress. I cast on yesterday evening, counted the stitches four times (I think I was getting sleepy) and knitted two rows. I always need to go down two needle sizes instead of one because when ribbing I use Norwegian purl.

This project has almost the same gauge as Émilien, so I’m skipping that step and plunging ahead. My iPod is full of rock’n’roll music and knitting podcasts and our baggage is almost ready. I’m planning to wear my new bikini for the first time. That will be another test to see if I need to make any mods for the other one.

I love Madrid and its weather, and it would be perfect if it had a beach (well, there’s one at the river, but that’s not a beach BEACH). I always lived by the sea. Well, until I left for Belgium 7 years ago (I should stop thinking I live my whole life in Vigo), and even I was not a beach aficionado, I miss it sometimes. It’s very relieving to walk on the sand after a hard day at work. We’ve never been at Valencia before, but I’m sure we’re going to have a great time there. We don’t ask for much: sun, sea, sand and nice views for a couple of days.


This past weekend was going to be a calm one. There were neither swing parties nor any kind of workshop announced. Time for ourselves and our things. One of the urgent projects for me was modifying Koen’s respro cycling mask. He goes to work by bike almost everyday. It’s a nearly 20 Km ride each way, and even some of the journey is outside the city, some part takes place amongst cars, with the big amount of pollution that this entails. He recently bought a pollution mask which looked something like this:

You can notice the band that goes under your ears and attaches with a velcro on the high part of your back neck. The mask is great but this attachment is quite uncomfortable for Koen, since it creates pressure on his nose and then he can only use his mouth for breathing. He asked me if I could attach a second stripe higher to be able to attach it over his ears. Since I recently got a new sewing machine and Koen was with me, I got down to work this Saturday afternoon.

I made two tapered stripes in the most similar material I could find and sewed on some velcro to the thin end. I had to cut the velcro sides a bit since it was a bit wider than the stripe. The result was good and Koen is happy to be able to use his nose again while cycling on the streets of Madrid.

Another thing that I tried to do, after reading Mamatronic’s last post, was organizing my wool stash but I miserably failed. The good thing is that I found a sock yarn (Jawoll Magic) that I bought last year, and that I’m planning to use soon, since I’ve recently gifted two of my new pairs of hand knitted socks to my mother. I say that I failed because I fished out lots of old acrylic that I’ve never used and that I’m not planning to. I bought a lot when I started to crochet some years ago since it was very cheap and I didn’t know better. Later on I started to knit and I learned to love fancy fibers and honestly I don’t know what to do with the crappy acrylic that I’ve accumulated over time.

I also found leftovers of good yarn: two skeins of cascade yarns 220 (red and grey), almost two skeins of malabrigo rios (orange), one skein of malabrigo worsted (blue), half a skein of malabrigo silky merino (green) and almost one skein of malabrigo chunky (pink). It’s nice to have something left of these lovely yarns, but it always bothers me to have such small quantities. I guess I’ll have to check the Ravelry groups One skein projects and Only half a skein.

Another thing that I’ve found was an almost finished summer dress from last year. It has a nice and fresh cotton fabric. I’ve cut it in the bias so I expect a nice drape to it. I will give more details as soon as I finish it.

The spring has finally kicked in and it feels more like the beginning summer, at least how summer is in other areas. People were outside just sunbathing and drinking with high spirits. We had 27 ºC (80ºF) this weekend, but we expect to have even a bit more than 40ºC (104ºC)  during the real summer. This late start means that the sycamore maple pollen season was delayed until this weekend, so we’ll have this and the grass together for a small a period of time. My allergies are also blooming. My asthma has gotten slightly worse (I expect it to get even worse in one month) and I have rashes appearing everywhere. Saturday I had a bit of my chest, Sunday the right side of my back and today the left side. I also have rashes in my hands and arms, but it’s still not too bad. I remember when I was living in Belgium, during the birch season. I had to sleep almost siting with several pillows because I had problems breathing, I had to use special soap and shampoo and my face looked like a map during times of war. My face is mostly untouched until now, let’s see in one month.

With the weather improvement we need to reorganize our clothes and put back at the bottom of the closet the ones for winter. I’ve already mentioned ours is a very small apartment and one of the difficulties we had when we arrived was the space for clothes. Nowadays it’s still a challenge that has only one way out: decluttering. So we’ve been doing a bit of that. Old clothes and shoes, and even not so old but that haven’t been worn in ages, have been put in bags to be donated.

I’ve discovered a software called Dress Assistant, which I’m currently testing. With such a small place, lots of clothes and my crazy head I always end up wearing the same clothes and most of the time I forget about those at the end of the drawer. Let’s see if I finally like the program and it helps me with this to finally buy the license.

What about you? How was your weekend? How do you organize your clothes? Do you declutter often?

Why we do things

I’m going to talk today about a couple of thing that you didn’t know about me. You know me as a knitter, that I dance Lindy Hop and that I moved to Madrid one year ago. But what about the rest? I’m going to tell you a little bit today.

As I often work from home (I don’t have a team here in Spain and I don’t have an office for myself where I can comfortably call customers) I need my evenings to socialise and “move the body”, as I say, after 9 hours of lonely sitting.

In June I decided to retake Pilates classes. I used to do it years ago, before going to Belgium, and I remembered it did wonders with my back. You don’t know either, but three or four years ago, when I was living in Belgium, I had a very bad year with a lot of back pain, irradiated pain to my right arm and hand and long hours at the physiotherapist. The humidity there was also a killer for my back and I had a severe case of LBP in the middle of July. So I decided to go back to Pilates class and I found a wonderful Russian guy that teaches very good and hard classes just 5 minutes from our home. I can say that since then I improved very much and I rarely have back pain nowadays, except for those very few days that are cold and humid here in Madrid.

Pilates is a very good exercise but unfortunately it doesn’t help to work on your condition. I have asthma and this is something very important. After spending all my days sitting on a chair I noticed that I used to get tired just when walking uphill and I often was out of breath. So last August I decided to sign up on the gym I have also 5 minutes from our place. There I tried spinning and I hated it. I also tried Pilates to see if it was any good and I could save some money and quit the place of the Russian guy, but what I saw there was very disappointing. I was going to stay with the Russian. I tried the machines but I got rapidly bored. There were lots of different classes and almost randomly one day picked Capoeira. It was hard, man. And my legs hurt for four days after that Wednesday. Going down the stairs of the metro was almost impossible and I couldn’t dance at the Swing party of that Saturday. But I went back and I got hooked, and my condition and strength have improved  enormously. It’s also fun and it has the added value of being a group activity, you feel like being part of something.

And here it is one of the examples that I wanted to illustrate. Why we do things. Time can pass and things can evolve, but you always have to remember why you do things. Yesterday we had a quite hard class and I got yelled at and I had to repeat things and I was almost cool at it. It’s just his way of teaching. But then I continued to be yelled at and the teacher told me that he was getting tired of repeating always the same and the he already got a name and that we still needed to build ours and bla bla bla. And I suddenly realized that I ALREADY have a name of my own (hey, I’m Elena, pleased to meet you) and another one that I gave to myself when I belonged to the Tolkien Society and that I kept using in Ravelry and some other parallel worlds. So I don’t really need to build up a NAME and a reputation if I just want to learn Capoeira for the fun of it and its benefits (condition, strength and elasticity). I’m not dreaming of becoming an important figure nor fighting on important events. Most of my classmates are younger boys. Their body and mind are more suited to this, but not mine. I’m just a 34 year asthmatic woman that goes there for fun and to feel healthier.

Last May or June (I don’t remember) I started taking sewing class. Well not only sewing, since the main goal is being able to take your measurements and make patterns to then cut and sew clothes. I decided to go because I have always been very curious about this and wanted to learn. It was organized at my friends’ shop La Guerra de los Botones and it was also 5 minutes from y place. I have to confess that since I started I have just finished a skirt and a dress, I fixed my boyfriend swimming trunks and I’m almost finishing a Winter coat. My goal from attending this class was not filling up my closet. Since we moved to this tiny apartment I’m very please with myself that I learned to stop myself from buying tons of clothes that I will later not wear. Well, that also applies to wool and antiques and lots of stuff that I used to buy without thinking twice. I am happy with this change in my life and I have no regrets. It’s also that another goal was learning new techniques, and I’m doing it. Every garment I made was quite complicated and none of them could be called simple. So when one of our classmates, which has made almost a dress per week, teases me at almost every class and says that what I’m working on should be finished for the next class, I just smile, say nothing and remember why I decided to go to there in the first place.

It’s also that I could sew more at home, but I prefer to keep that time for knitting, and what I want now is to finish my boyfriend’s cardigan.

I put already a lot of pressure on myself at work, my boss always tells me, but that’s what helps me earning the money to buy food, pay the bills, pay my classes and buying beautiful yarn.I don’t need to put more pressure on any other disciplines because they are just there to make me feel fine and nothing else.


Good morning baby, I home I’m gonna make it through another day.

1 year in Madrid

Time goes fast. Ten days ago we had an anniversary. It was 1 year since we first arrive in Madrid. That hectic week looking for an apartment. And we were lucky, very lucky, so lucky that we found our apartment on our second day of search. Our tiny apartment in the heart of the charming area of Malasaña. Malasaña, with its narrow streets, few cars and people outside at every hour of the day and the night. The pedestrian square close to our apartment, always full of teenagers, kids, people with dogs, wonderful cacophony of sounds.

The apartment is quite smaller than the one we had in Brussels, but it’s a jewel in this part of the city, crammed with very old buildings. Ours is also old, but it was completely renovated inside 8 years ago. This picture is from when the apartment was still empty and we were mounting our Ikea bed:

Today is a bit greyish, but yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, like the ones that welcomed us in Madrid one year ago. We have Winter here too, a rainy day here and there, but it feels shorter than in Brussels and you often have those sunny days that completely blind you and make you smile, leaving you with blue, pinks and oranges.