There’ll be jeans

After a couple of years of experimenting, it seems this year I’m trying to sew what I need at this moment in my wardrobe. I needed some tops other than my t-shirts, I made blouses. I have two old pairs of jeans, and I need new ones, then I make them. I decided some time ago to stop buying clothes whenever I could make them myself, unless it’s an emergency, that is. So friends, I’m making jeans.

The dark denim (left in top picture) will be a pair of Ginger jeans, while the lighter (not so much) will be a pair of Angela Wolf Bootcut jeans. I will start with the latter for the simple reason that I pretend to make them without modifications, while the Ginger I pretend to widen the leg. I just want my first jeans experience to be as straight forward as possible. That’s the only reason for starting with the Angela Wolf.

As you know, this is a slow process. I had cut and taped my pattern pieces, cut out my size, pre-washed my denim, and I was yesterday ready to proceed with the instructions, when I came upon the sentence: “Before cutting the fabric, wash and dry the denim twice to prevent shrinkage later on and eliminate any excess dye in the fabric“. You read it. Twice. I had everything ready but I needed to wash my fabric again. Bugger! I was tempted to continue anyway since most of the shrinkage occurs lengthwise, but after consulting with Koen, I decided to take the safe road and take things slowly. I used then my time to shorten the main pattern pieces by 3 inches to accommodate my shorty legs.

Remember, people: pre-wash your denim fabric twice.