WordPress nightmare

I have a problem with my blog. Some of you might have already guessed, especially if I left you comments on your blogs. Here is the thing.When I created the domain elenaknits.wordpress.com I did it under another username. It was an old name from an old blog I used to have in a previous life. When I realized my mistake, I tried to correct it by creating the username elenaknits to match my current domain. But it was not possible because it was unavailable.

I found a quick fix by creating elenatheknitter as a username, but that only made things worse. That created a new domain elenatheknitter.wordpress.com that I’ve never used and I don’t mean to.

Reading about WordPress policy, I discovered that you can change your username but then you will never be able to go back to a previous one. It’s kind of protection to avoid somebody using your domain and name in the future in case you’ve deleted yours. But my problem is that elenaknits as a username was never used. I don’t know if it was even created with the domain, because I could never use it.

I have a free account, therefore I don’t have support, and the only thing I could do was going to the forums. I asked there two days ago and the only answer I got was that what I want is simply not possible, and if the OpenID doesn’t work as a consequence it’s not important, because (in their words) it fails more often than it works.

I thought about upgrading to premium to solve this issue, but I don’t even know if fixing this will be possible, so I’m still doubting. I also thought about redirecting elenatheknitter.wordpress.com to elenaknits.wordpress.com, but there is not a free way of doing it. It just costs $12, but I am not sure yet if I want to spend money on this blog. I could start from scratch on a different domain, but I’m afraid of loosing the few visitors I have. I have made in the past a personal site with Drupal and I’ve given some thought to moving this blog to Drupal and to my own domain, but WordPress has nice features that make it easier to interact with other WordPress and blogspot users giving a more or less seamless experience.

Has any of you had similar problems in the past? How did you solve it?