Slow January

Just twenty days have passed since the month started but it feels to me like a month and a half at least. After the Christmas frenzy and all the doctor appointments before that (including a gastroscopy that never happened), these days it seems that I just work, sew, knit and watch TV shows. Also, if I measure time by finished garments, it also feels longer than two thirds of a month. In my to-do list I tend to aim for four garments a month, but usually finish one or two, sometimes three; and in 20 days I’ve finished four garments, I have another blouse almost finished (but ran out of interfacing), and I’ve cut a pair Margot pajamas. Yes, the calendar is lying to me and these two thirds of January are in fact more than a month.

I guess that playing the game of waiting and patience tends to slow things down. I haven’t had any doctor appointment since 2014 and I’m currently on new medicines that I need to test until the end of next month to see if they work. And in the meantime, nothing else. It’s so cold outside that we didn’t even think of going out, but I guess that when the warmer weather comes, I’ll feel the need to hurry this recovering process.

This month I’ve been watching the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, The Christmas episode of Call the Midwife, the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey, the beginning of Broadchurch series 2, Spaced, Ashes to Ashes series 2 and the occasional episodes of Castle, Modern Family and The Big Band Theory. We finished Scrubs, tried the last season and dropped it because it was not worth it.

And you, what’ve you been up to?