Burdastyle Baseball Jacket

I wanted to have a baseball jacked since like forever, but I had to search for months for the perfect pattern. I didn’t like the neckline of the Papercut Rigel Bomber, and I also didn’t want raglan sleeves (i usually don’t like the look of them). But at the beginning of this year I found this Burdastlyle pattern for children:


And the largest size more or less matched my measurements. The height was exact, not the bust or waist measurement, but I expected a ton of ease here, so I decided to try. After measuring the pattern pieces I knew I could make it work. And I did!

Two things that I wanted to modify were the length and adding pockets. This jacket was asymmetric so I chopped of 8 cm on the front and 10 at the back.

The welt pockets were a bit more of work, but the result is totally worth it.

And here you have the result (worn with Gertie’s B5895).


The fit is perfect. I shortened the waistband but I could have shortened it a bit more. It’s good anyway.


I added some patches to add some character, but there were a pain. Since I added them after the jacket was completely constructed, ironing did not work very well, since you need to dampen your fabric and also press from the wrong side. I tried fabric glue, but they also came out. I hand sewed them on during some evenings, including the first of the Screemin’ Festival.


Too add a note of color, the lining and yoke were made out of some plush fabric I bought a couple of years ago by accident. I expected it to be regular fleece, but when the fabric arrived I didn’t know what to make with it. The shell is made out of the same sweatshirt fabric I used for my knit pencil skirt.


And it also looks good unzipped.


Since the plush side is also beautiful I decided to make it reversible, following the instructions for the KitschyCoo Reversible Zippy Hoddie.


I wore this jacket during the Screamin’ Festival evening and I was never temped to wear itthis way, but I just wanted to have the possibility, and it looks neat and tidy on the inside too.



I’m really happy with how this baseball jacket came out, and it has everything I wanted in it.


And here you can see how I wore it at the festival!


Gertie’s Knit Pencil Skirt

I completed this project almost two months ago, taken pictures shortly after but didn’t have time to blog about it. Life is so busy lately that sometimes I would like to sleep for days in a row. Work is freacking crazy right now, and we have Daisy at the vet since more than three weeks ago (Billy is keeping her company), where she’s fighting for her life. She got heavy metal poisoning (I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what she swallowed), and the side effect was renal damage. She’s on heavy medications to keep her uric acid levels at bay, but that means injections every two days and a weekly blood sample to test for levels (they can do it more often due to the little weight birds have). We’re so stressed out about her that we can hardly get enough sleep.

But let’s get on with what we’ve come here for. This is the knit pencil skirt from second Gertie’s book. I wanted to try to set a pencil skirt for ages but never got the time or the courage for it. I had this sweatshirt fabricĀ  leftover from another project that will show you soon and decided that a knit pencil skirt would be the ideal to start with and find out if pencil skirts were something for me.


I chose my size according to my measurements and the sizing, as usual, was right with Gertie (unless we’re talking about Butterick Gertie’s patterns). I didn’t even have to shorten the skirt, and for my desired length, I just had less than 1 cm to turn in to hem it. I am 1.58 m (petite), so for taller (regular) people, you will need to lengthen the pattern piece for sure.


I got my hem a bit stretched out since I don’t know how to change the foot pressure on my new machine, but reaped it and added wash away quilters tape to it and it worked fine. I did a twin needle hem.

For the rest, this was a very quick project, since there’s just one pattern piece, and the result is very forgiving due to the stretchy nature of the fabric and the elastic band at the waist.


I could test this skirt during the Screamin’ Festival last week, and I got a lot of wear out of it, especially when we were chilling out at the apartment, since I forgot to include anything else especially comfortable for when we were in (resting, cooking or eating). This skirt was like wearing pajamas.

Here with my Untangling Knots Hetty.

Something that annoyed me a bit was that the skirt used to ride up my hips a bit when I took long walks in it. I don’t know if it’s due to a wrong sizing/fitting.


For the rest, I love the skirt, and I may jump top the pencil skirt bandwagon, at least if they are made of a stretch fabric. I am not sure I could walk a lot in a non-stretchy pencil skirt (unless it has a good sized vent).