Astronaut T-shirt

After my first Maria Denmark’s Kristen Kimono Tee I knew this pattern was perfect to showcase this fabric I purchased during Christmas 2014. I made this top last May, but shortly afterwards we lost Gerry and I didn’t have the heart to look at the pictures and publish them on the blog. I hope you understand, it was so painful that this top stayed in my closet for almost a year. I think I am ready to share it now, even though I still miss Gerry very much and I hope he’s fine and happy wherever he is.


Here Colin, Billy and Daisy wanted to be in the picture. Marvin was also in the room but observed us from afar.


And then he decided to join and see why I was obsessed with smelling Daisy. I love their smell. I could sniff at them for hours!


There is not much to say about this top that I haven’t said before. It’s easy, fast, it fits well and it’s free.


I fell in love with this knit the moment I saw it. It was around 1.5m by the kilo and it was ultra cheap. It seems a digital printed fabric, and even I loved the moment I saw it, I didn’t know what to make and avoid disturbing the print. This pattern was perfect for that.


These birds drive me crazy but here we’re having a blast!


SBCC Tonic 2

I wanted to try this pattern for a while since the fit is quite similar to the long sleeved t-shirts I wear in winter, and I didn’t want the Renfrew top cuff and waist bands (yes, I could remove them but I felt lazy and the Tonic tee is a free pattern). I saw it mentioned again on Diario de Naii the other day and that gave me the final push.


I used a 100% merino that I bought from NZ Merino Fabrics at the end of last year. It’s quite thin and soft, and the top feels very comfortable to wear. At first I though of making a Lady Skater with it, but since I don’t wear dresses in winter, this is a much better use of the fabric. This year I want to make things that I wear.


The only issue I see with it are some wrinkles in the underarm, not sure if it’s due to my fabric (it has no lycra) or if I may need to alter the amscye.


As you can see I’m surrounded by birds. It’s true that some times they are by themselves breaking things exploring but most of the time I can’t shake them off.


Here you can see how it looks untucked. At first I thought it was too long, in fact longer than my usual tops, but now seeing this pictures, I don’t think it’s so much. I will wear it tucked in my pants all the time anyway.


These are the first pictures taken at the new apartment. They were taken in my sewing room and I’m quite pleased with them. As soon as I have everything set and tidy I’ll show you the rest of the room. The top was finished a couple of weeks ago, but after the move I had issues finding back my tripod, so this top was waiting unworn.


Hey, Colin, what are we going to break today?


Warm Feet

There’s nothing I appreciate more in winter than having warm and dry feet. It’s the time of the year that I go back to thinking about hand knitted socks and regret having just a few pairs. After knitting a pair of Van Dyke socks for my mother, I new I needed a pair for my myself, and the Malabrigo Rios I had in my stash was very tempting.

I knitted them exactly like the ones for my mother, but adding an extra repeat on the leg portion, making a total of eleven, four of them just before the gusset.


They took a little longer than my mother’s pair just because we were moving and there was a lot to be done around the house.


I wore them a couple of times and they are very comfortable and extra soft, but the wool looks like it’s going to wear out quite quick and easily. It’s a pity because I usually have problems with itchy yarns on my feet, and this one felt wonderful.


Despite making the smallest size the socks have grown a little and there’s not much negative ease anymore, it could be that even after fixing my gauge issues, I still knit too loose.


I’m always careful, but somehow I screwed up the cuffs binding off, since they are tighter than usual and it takes me some effort to take these socks on and off, but at least I can do it 😉


And you, are you knitting socks this winter?