Watching time, knitting time

You all know how addicted I am to TV shows. As I work from home, I have lunch alone so I always watch something to keep me company. Fall marks the start of the cold season in the Northern hemisphere, but also the coming back of many shows. Anyway, I don’t really follow the calendar, and I tend to watch what I feel like, and I usually wait a little bit to be able to binge watch a determined show. I couldn’t help myself and started the new season of Doctor Who, but I decided to take a break and watch other things for the moment to prepare myself to watch some episodes in a row.

As I didn’t have a lot to watch (I’m up to date in almost every show I was watching) I started a new one (for me). It’s called Dark Matter, and I couldn’t resist the sci-fy theme. The premises are good: six people awake from stasis on a space ship with their memories completely erased. There’s also an android on board who will help them to recover part of their memories back. I’m not going to tell more to avoid spoilers. It’s an enjoyable show but there’s something missing to make it superb. The characters are quite flat and lack charm, and I guess it is a result of them having lost their memories, but somehow I feel that they could be better constructed. We’ll be discovering more about them as the show progresses, and it is possible that this aspect improves, because for the moment I don’t care a lot about any of them, and that’s not something good to say about a show. There’s also the fact that most of them are quite young, and I am afraid it could develop in a teenager show. Anyway, I hope we can see some evolution and SyFy doesn’t cancel it like they did with Firefly and Warehouse 13.

DarkMatterMy lunch break is not the only moment I watch series. We also do it in the evening and during weekends, and that is happening a lot more than in summer, which means… knitting time! yay! I’m currently working on two projects: Hetty and Penelope, both from Untangling Knots.

I started Hetty in May, abandoned it and I decided to finish it this time for good. I’m starting with one of the sleeves, and I definitely want to finish it this month.

And as I’ve said last time, I have joined the Penelope KAL. I started a bit late with this one, but as it is a mindless knitting, I hope I can finish in time. I think I will be alternating the knitting of both cardigans to rest from the lace and the monotony of each one. I want to finish Hetty because I’ve been knitting it for too long, and I want to finish Penelope because I think it’s very wearable and it will be in my fall-winter-spring rotation, plus the colors I chose go with almost everything.

During these months I’ve also been watching Warehouse 13, Orange is the new black, Mistresses (US version), Seinfeld, Devious Maids, and some others. I’m really looking forward to the new seasons of The 100 and Call the Midwife, but for those I’ll have to wait.

And you, what are you watching right now?

I think Colin doesn't like my cardigan. #knitting #lovebirds

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Fall and winter plans

We finally signed the contract for the new apartment this Monday, I suddenly started sleeping fine again, and I found my fingers itching to start making things. I took the little time I had to read sewing and knitting blogs and I have my head full of projects to complete this fall and winter. It’s beginning to chill here and I decided to stop complaining about the cold and rain and embrace the change of season as an excuse to making proper winter garments. This 5th Fall Essentials Sew-Along seems the perfect way to get me doing this, even though I’m joining a bit late.

I am finishing the pair of shorts my boyfriend has been requesting for a couple of years. Sewing pants always takes me ages, and things always take more time with four lovebirds and lack of sewing mojo, so finishing this is passing a milestone.

wpid-img_20151008_172304.jpgI am currently knitting a Hetty. I tried to knit one just after the pattern was released, two years ago, but I fell out of love with my yarn and abandoned it quite soon. I started it again with new yarn a bit before Gerry left us, so it has been in standby for quite a while. I am working on it again whenever the birds allow me, which is difficult since I use plenty of markers to avoid getting lost in the lace pattern, and they want to steal them.

wpid-img_20150918_125008.jpgThe one in the picture is Colin, and he looks so much like Gerry that at the beginning I was deceived. Gerry turned two years old yesterday, and I couldn’t help but feel a bit melancholic. I just hope he’s alright and happy.

I didn’t have in mind joining the Penelope KAL, but as I’m getting my knitting juices going, I think I’ll try. I was not sure about what colors to combine since I usually have problems to match my clothes, so I decided to go for one of Andi’s choices, black and grey. They are not lively colors but they’ll go with everything.

This summer I wore my four Lady Skater dresses in heavy rotation, so I’m going to try something in the same line this winter, getting out of my comfort zone and see if I like it. I usually wear pants (jeans, corduroy, Thurlows) when the weather is not warm but I’ve been wanting to try merino jersey for a while, so I decided to do it now, and I purchased this merino fabric from NZ Merino Fabrics. I just hope the customs don’t overcharge me.

The jeans I made don’t fit me anymore. I went paleo three months ago (AIP, in fact), and my health as improved a lot, but my weight has also gone down quite a bit. I’m stable (I think), but many garments I made don’t fit me properly anymore. Maybe that’s why I’m leaning towards knits lately.

I have some corduroy in my stash, and I think I would like to make a Hollyburn skirt.

I had some beautiful knits to make more summery Lady Skaters but alas, it couldn’t be.
And I would like to end the year knittng the Rolling Thunder sweater, gifted by my friend Michelle.

I have off course a lot more projects in mind, but being realistic, I don’t think I will accomplish a lot more, taking into account that I take care of six birds, Christmas is around the corner and we’ll be moving around that time.


Life is still changing here. Marvin, another rescued lovebird, joined Billy, Daisy and Colin. The group dynamics still need some more time but they are progressing favorably.

Billy is being treated right now for a bacterial hepatitis. He was not himself lately so we decided to pay a visit to the vet, and after an X-ray and a blood sample he confirmed the diagnose. He’s been on antibiotics for almost two weeks and he’s much better now.

And Colin, the most lovable bird in the world.

Colin says hi #lovebirds

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We will moving soon again. If you remember, we moved about a year ago but this apartment never lived up to our expectations, apart from being freackingly expensive and quite far from Koen’s work. Also the landlord is the most irresponsible person I’ve ever known. We had continuous toilet clogs since the beginning of spring and had to wait days with the whole mess in the bathroom. So we’re leaving. Soon. We went yesterday to see a beautiful apartment. It will be available at the end of the year, but we don’t mind waiting since we need to give a two months notice at the current apartment.

As I’ve said before, my sewing and knitting mojo left with my beloved Gerry, but I made an effort for two important babies:

Koen’s newest nephew


And of my friends from university’s first baby

I used the Peekaboo Lullaby bodysuit pattern. As I made them already some time ago, I don’t remember a lot, except that my sewing machine chewed up one of the sleeves when hemming it, so I decided not to topstitch the neckline to avoid making a mess. I do this more and more with knits, as my machine is quite unpredictable on them. Probably I will get a new one when things are settled down (I have my eye on the Elna 3210).

And as I had quite some fabric leftover I made another Kitschycoo Barrie Briefs. I barely wore the other two I made this summer because the double fabric made made me sweat (we had the hottest summer in the last 10 years), but for fall and winter they are nice and cozy.

Aren’t they nice with their knights and dragons?