And finally a Cambie Dress

I bought the pattern and the fabric last year. I really loved this dress since I saw it but life and other projects got in the way and I did not make it until now. I used the Dolly Clackett sewalong as an excuse get me going but unfortunately I couldn’t get it all done by the date I should have. It doesn’t matter, I didn’t rush through its construction and it doesn’t have the typical flows due to rushing a handsewn.


I loved the fabric from the moment I saw it but I have to say that I liked it a lot more on the bolt than on me. It’s probably the beige, I’ve never thought it very flattering. I also doubted when I first tried the dress once done. I was not sure if it was my style, and because it took me almost three weeks to get it done and also because of my HIT, it feels a lot loser than it was meant to be. I’ve lost 5 kg in the last month and you can clearly see it in my clothes. Sadly I shouldn’t make any fitted garment right now because I hope I’m going to recover the weight I lost but you never know when and if it will happen. It’s a pity, because I wanted to make Gertie’s Bombshell Dress next month but I don’t know if I’ll be on a stable weight again by then.

Anyway, I was going to wear something else today, since I just left the house to buy some food and I thought this Cambie Dress was a little too much, but then I said, go to hell, and if I’m not 100% healthy, at least I should look fancy. So I wore the Cambie and my Miette cardigan and went to the supermarket and the bakery.

I bought these sandals two weeks ago. I was looking for comfortable and beautiful sandals for a while. I have horribly delicate feet and almost the only sandals I can wear for long periods of time to walk are my crocs. But then I found these online. I had two pairs of sandals of this brand when I was in my twenties. I remember the first day I wore one of those pairs. I had a fight at home (I don’t remember the reason) and left. I started walking and I couldn’t stop until I reached the beach. Let me tell you that the beach is 8 good km from my mother’s place. And I walked all that distance with my brand new sandals. Those were winners.

This ones are also ultra comfortable, although they will need a bit more of breaking in than those old sandals. And let me tell you their story. I ordered these in size 36 but the shop messed up. When I got them, the left sandal was a 35 and the right a 36. The 35 fitted me better. I’ve called the shop to explain their mistake and to say that I’d prefer the 35. A messenger came the next day to pick up the 36 and deliver the other shoe in 35. Wasn’t it nice?

Again to the dress. After wearing it today to run errands I totally changed my mind about it. It’s wonderfully comfortable, it’s classy and I think I would be very happy having more of this. The only changes I made to the size 4 was shortening the shoulders by 1 cm. The waist sits at the right place and I didn’t need to shorten the skirt. As I’ve said before just under the knee length is the perfect for me.

The print is quite large so I didn’t attempt to match it. I didn’t mess up sewing the zipper, so the waistband is well aligned. Good, since I’m not sure if I could have the strength to do this again. HIT makes me lazy, guys. The neckline gaped a bit but I fixed it by sewing a piece of twill tape on the inside. I just followed this tutorial. With my weight loss it still gapes a bit but I can live with it.

And did I mention how freaking awesome and comfortable this dress is?


Sew For Victory: A simple black circle skirt

I’ve said that I was finally not participating in this sewalong and I feel I’m cheating a bit. The deadline has been extended one week and I made this skirt in two evenings with little planning. It’s not even a strict 40s pattern, since this amount of fabric was only allowed after the war, but matched with my Fall for Cotton shirt it undoubtedly has a vintage vibe that I thought I could use to join this sewalong.


I always wanted to try this kind of skirt, since it kind of conceals big hips and I’ve always admired Jennifer Lauren‘s circle skirts. It was easy enough to make just by using the By Hand London App and waistband design. The maths for this skirt are not complicated but I just felt lazy and wanted a quick rewarding project.


I’ve used a black cotton sateen that I found on a quick trip to the closest fabric shop and I immediately liked it. I bought more in blue to make another skirt to pair with two blouses I’m planning to sew this month.


I have to say that I like a lot the result when worn with this blouse but I’m not sure if this is exactly my style for a daily basis. I don’t know if it’s the black or the huge amount of fabric, but I feel this skirt a bit too dramatic for me. I guess I’ll have to try to wear it a bit and see how I feel.

Since it’s only fitted at the waist it feels very comfortable but I don’t know how it could beheave on a windy day. The fabric is not very light so I hope it will hold fine.

I’m thinking that if I had made it shorter, the result would be less dramatic but then I don’t think I would have been very happy with it. I’m discovering that just under the knee is my preferred skirt/dress length. I’m not very fond of my knees and it’s also that this length feels classy, even if you’re wearing something casual.


And this skirt really swirls. I can’t wait to wear it while dancing lindy hop or rock’n’roll.


It’s also true that I needed this kind of skirt to be able to wear this shirt. I confess that I haven’t worn it even once since I’ve made it and it’s because I don’t own any high waist trousers (I remember when they were in fashion and I also remember how constricted they made me feel). This skirt could be the answer to this problem. They look nice together, don’t they? And thanks to Sew for Victory for giving me the energy to make this skirt, to make this shirt wearable.