Book Review: Trout Friends and other Riff-Raff by Bill Stokes

I was offered a copy of this audio book in audio format from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This is an collection of stories about fishing. Stokes starts the book complaining about age and how it has affected one of his favorite hobbies, to continue telling how he discovered it and all the people that were important in his life regarding fishing trips. The book is full of funny and endearing anecdotes which will delight everyone, and not just those into fishing. The book is not as much about fishing as about the experience around fishing: the trips, the friends, the problems, and especially about the inexorable passage of time.

David Stifel really becomes Bill Stokes in this book, and his voice and modulation makes the audiobook a unique experience. It is like listening to your old grandpa telling you never ending stories about the important things in life. It really enhances the book.

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