Book Review: Triple Shot of Vampires by Tonia Brown

Overal Rating: four-stars

I have received this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.

At the beginning of this book we are warned that this is not the typical vampires story, since Brown affirms she is not a vampire person. Neither am I, so I was curious to see her take on vampire stories. This book is composed by three short stories about vampires with a different view. The first is about how a vampire has influenced the luck of a person; the second is about a hippy vampire drinking blood full of acid; and the third is about a vampire with a sweet tooth and the consequences of it.

It was an easy listen with some humor in it. The stories I liked most were the first and the third. The first could have been a draft of a longer book. And even if I am not into vampire stories, I would have listened to it. The second was too mystic for me. The vampire was reflecting about the meaning of life for a vampire, and I had troubles to really connect to it. The third was so absurd that it made me laugh a lot.

Jack de Golia’s narration was superb, very expressive and clear, doing a great interpretation of all the characters and giving them all different voices. I would love to listen to more audiobooks narrated by de Golia.

I think this book could be enjoyed not only by horror fans since it is very different from the regular vampire tale. Its length makes it also ideal if you want a quick listen.

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