Book Review: There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven: Finding Comfort After the Loss of a Pet by Sonya Fitzpatrick

Book Review: There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven: Finding Comfort After the Loss of a Pet by Sonya FitzpatrickThere Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven: Finding Comfort After the Loss of a Pet by Sonya Fitzpatrick
Narrator: Carol Irwing
Published by Penguin Audio on 09-03-13
Genres: Self Help
Length: 5 hrs and 18 mins
Format: Audiobook
Source: Purchased
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Overal Rating: three-stars

Our pets are part of the family. For many they’re as close as children; for some they may be our only children. And while most of us can expect that our children will outlive us, sadly, our pets almost never do.

Losing a pet can be as difficult as losing any other family member; we grieve, we miss them, and, mostly, we want closure, to know that our furry, feathered, or scaled friends are okay, wherever they are.

For years, animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick has helped pet owners cope with the loss of their beloved companions. Many of them ask the same questions: Is my pet happy? Why did this happen? Is it okay to get another pet? Using her personal experiences as well as the stories of the families she’s worked with, Sonya sheds some light on the questions that every grieving pet owner has, and assures the reader that there are, in fact, no sad dogs (or cats or birds or turtles or horses or cows) in heaven.

I didn’t know about the author’s radio and TV shows, but if I had knew I might have just saved myself from listening to this book. I decided to purchase it seeking comfort after losing our beloved Olive, and it was the first I found about the subject.

For people who believe incredible things, this book may help. For me it was just a lot of mambo jambo. The author claimed that she could speak telepathically to animals, which I don’t doubt, but she affirmed that they answered. And not only that, she could even communicate with them after death! This, off course, brought solace to the owners, but I wonder who could believe this. I think it’s a shame that someone would seek making profit from other people’s pain, and for me this is what Fitzpatrick is doing.

Carol Irwing delivered a wonderful and heartfelt narration. If I finished this book was due to the narration, since the text was of little help for me.

Story (Plot)
Overall: three-stars

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