Book Review: Felony Fruit (Until the Fat Ladies Sing #5) by Linda Kozar


I received a copy of this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.

This is a short Christmas story. Lovita is abroad with Hudson, and Sue Jan is in charge of organizing the Christmas get together at the salon. But things cannot be too quiet in Wachita, and just after leaving the party, Bubba Bustalet, the senior citizen playboy of town, is suddenly attacked. Sue Jan finds him laying on the ground beside the weapon thrown at Bubba’s head, a fruitcake.

We face again an uncanny mystery in the small town of Wachita. In this case Sue Jan will not have the assistance of Lovita, but she will count with Sharla and some of her clients. I missed Lovita, but Sue Jan’s personality is enough to sustain the story, and it is also nice to have a story told from her point of view. There are a lot of hilarious moments and out of place comments from Sue Jan, as usual, and even though the book is very short, there is a generous amount of diverse characters, all well defined, and with great lines.

And the best part is the narration of the book. Michelle Babb is great at impersonating characters and helping the author at making them unique. She captures really well the humor in the book and delivers it to the listener multiplied by ten. She is a top notch narrator, one of the best I had the pleasure of listening to.

If there is something I should complain about is the length of this book. Lovita and Sue Jan’s stories are among my favorites to listen to and relax, and I never seem to get enough of them. This book is just under an hour and a half, so it makes for a very quick listen. It just left me hungry for more.

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